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November 27, 2010
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Tree Of Life by Soul7 Tree Of Life by Soul7
Tree of Life, part of the 'Wings' Series


comment added february 16th 2011

I'm so honored this became a daily deviation! this is my first one ever! oh my gosh. No wonder! i didn't sign in for a month or two, and all of the sudden i got 1,400 comments! I'm speechless, thank you so much to everyone that commented... i'll explain a bit more on the piece:

I created this for my best friend birthday, her name is Asa. She wanted a cool yoga mat for us to practice.

The symbology, as some comments pointed out, are from very different schools of thought.

The most prominent is the tree of life. Found through out mane religions in different forms and depictions. This is the most traditional in Kabbalah, sort of a branch of jewish mysticism. [i'm not jewish, so not sure if i can explain it correctly]
The three of life, or three of knowledge of course it is also spoken in the Christian Bible, supposedly from where Eve took the apple.

From the traditional kabalistic tree you can derive all other sacred geometry shapes, including the seed, the fruit and the flower of life, as well as the merkabah/star tetrahedron or... commonly known as the star of david or six pointed star.

there is lots to share on the tree alone... the best way to learn about it for me was through the comic book Promethea


The symbols in the middle line are the chakra system, from india tradition. They represent the 7 main energy vortexes on the body [they are placed on the yoga mat so they will align with the real organs and places where they would be in your body if you lay on it] from bottom up:
each is represented with a sanskrit letter of the same name:
red=root=genital area=security,roots,fear,sexual, primal energye,
orange=sacral=pelvic area=sacred sexuality, creativity
yellow=solar plexus=navel=control, willpower
green=heart center=love, unconditional love, healing, life
blue=throat=communication, manifestation, sound, creation
indigo/purple=third eye=visualization, intuition, seeing beyond limitations
purple/pink=crown=top of the head=connection to god, divinity and universe.
There is too piles of information on this. We can awaken chakras one by one, or sometimes suddenly, through life they can be in balance, or out of balance, presenting their power or their shadow.

the Kundalini, our life force, it is said to be a snake coiled 3 and a half times in the root chakra, when she awakes it rises 3 and a half times around each chakra, up the spine, reaching the crown where it shoots to connect with divinity/universe,all that is and comes back refilled and re-charge bringing down all that goodness, swirls around the chakras again to complete the full cycle. Many monks and yoga practitioners achieve this consciously through meditation, and it is said that sexual encounters through a yogic trantic form can do this as well, one of the most guarded secret in human evolution.... Hence the doble helix-ish snakey spirals in the middle.

Moving on... the winged eye is another representation of the eye of egyptian sky god horus. The story is easily found online... symbol for protection. [link]

The flow of life... oh man, so much to write about here, it is found among very ancient civilization ruins. It is a fascinating mathemathical equation. It holds the ability to draw from out of itself all the platonic solids [the geometrical shapes for each element] so in short, from this form all life is originated.

shipibo print is a very particular print done by peruvian amazonic tribes, and very similar to patterns you see when you drink a healing ancient medicine called ayahuasca which helps your body purge disease. They create amazing hand made textiles with those patterns: google image search: [link]

the bottom part is created as a meditation center.
The main shape is a extruded Star tetrahedron, two pyramids interlocked, representing feminine and masculine, as well as heaven and earth coming together at the center. All humans have a star tetrahedron that contains them, sort of like this image

a traditional indian mandala is behind the start at the bottom.

Finally, there are symbols around that represent some major religions that are close to my heart:
starting with the one at top, clockwise
Sikhism [indian/derived from vedic tradition],
Hunab Ku [central sun-mayan]
Swastica [Representing the original meaning from Hindu, widely popular in bali and other hindu areas currently in the world]
Ankh [Egyptian]
Yin Yang with the i-ching [Shinto, Japan, please research the number 64, in its association throughout many religions and our own DNA]
Budhist - eight fold path - japan, china, thailand

The very bottom is a prayer in sanskrit- inverted [so you can see them when you are standing up on the top of the map doing your yoga practise and sun salutations:
Om Mani Padme Om which tibetan budhist monks chant.
it sounds something like the beginning of this awesome song by DJ R/D [my friends are in the video! sans the yummy beats


And lastly, below that, you can find the symbols for each planet also inverted so you would face them standing on top of the mat and looking down at them.

with all the names i mentioned, you can go to this site and find lenghty info

Also check out my blog for more goodies
you can get the prints here, or even order the whole yoga mat if you like it.

my pray is for unity. To see the beauty and depth in all, and the truth in all. to awaken to know that we are beyond systems, and that behind those human define definition we are all one. and alas very unique.

Thanks for readying, hope this help you understand and spark your curiousity to learn more. be inspire! much love.

Find me on Facebook [link]
or follow my tweets [link]

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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-01-27
I was totally intrigued by this stunning and meaningful design showing an abstract tree along with a beautiful text art. I would love to have Tree Of Life by ~Soul7 hanging on my wall. ( Featured by Lilyas )
AnimeElf Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Soul7 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
AnimeElf Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
welcomes :)
Taichiforhealing Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
wow, this is amazing!! So much symbols implanted in that one piece of art.  Can i use this on my site?  Would you be able to create something similar based on the 3 treasures in Taoism.  Thank you -
Soul7 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. glad you like it. I'm not familiar with the 3 treasures or their symbols. I have been only doing commercial work at the moment, not sure when i'd have time for another personal art piece. Money has been tight.
What's your website? i think it would be fine for you to use it, as long as you credit me as the designer and link to my website "Designed by"
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infinityfractals Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
nice work have a look at my art
Soul7 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Fractal magic! awesome! what software do you use?
infinityfractals Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
thx so much
infinityfractals Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
lots of software 
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